The Importance of Medical ID Jewelry for Diabetics

Medical identification bracelets have become immensely popular; after all, they save thousands of lives every day. They have become more of a necessity than just a need. And with millions of American citizens affected with chronic diseases and allergies, a medical ID bracelet, a necklace or a dog tag can be the only difference between life and death.

Apart from identifying yourself as a medical patient, your medical identification bracelet can help emergency responders and doctors understand the condition you are suffering with and administer the right treatment, which saves a spectacular amount of time and energy. And this is especially true in the case that you are completely helpless to tell EMT professionals anything about your condition.

Extremely Important for People with Diabetes

There is no question about the fact that medical diabetes alert bracelets and Necklace can be immensely beneficial for people suffering with any form of diabetes. In case of an emergency, when your blood sugar levels drop dangerously low or if you forget to bring you insulin with you and collapse and become unresponsive, your medical diabetes alert necklace or bracelet will become your life saver. It will identify exactly what you’re going through both to the bystanders as well as the medical emergency specialists that come to help you.

The sooner the medical response team determines your glucose reactions, the sooner you will be adequately treated for your condition.

EMT and first-responders also incorporate the use of medical identification and alert jewelry to quickly pinpoint people who have diabetes, specifically when they are unresponsive and unable to speak because of disorientation or pain. The first thing medical professionals do once they receive a patient in the ER is to strip them off their clothing to search for their medical diabetes ID bracelets, which can significantly expedite the treatment process.

What Information Should Diabetics Have Engraved on their Medical Diabetes ID Bracelets?

This is pretty important. When you decide to get yourself a medical ID it is important that you have all the right information engraved on it. Moreover, the information you include should always be short, relevant and strictly to the point. For example, “Diabetes” should be printed or engraved clearly, in bold letters, on one side of the bracelet. As for the other side, you can add information like “Dependent on insulin” or “on controlled medication”. Here are is a list of some important things your Diabetes ID bracelet should mention:

  • Emergency contact number(s)
  • The name of your medical professional or physician
  • A referral to another source of information. For example, you can print “check wallet for medical card or history.”

There is no doubt that diabetes can be a really deceptive medical illness to have. And that is primarily because blood sugar fluctuation is something that nobody can predict before or ahead of time. It just happens, and when it does, it could be bad. What if your blood sugar considerably drops and you fall to the ground, unconscious? What if you’re in a car accident and too dazed and disoriented to respond coherently? This is where your diabetes medical will come in handy.

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