Why Do People Wear Medical ID Jewelry?

Millions of people around the globe are seen wearing medical ID charms, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces every day, and they do so for myriad reasons. Here are the top reasons that people wear Medical ID jewelry for:

They Have Diabetes

It is highly imperative for Patients with type1 or type 2 Diabetes to wear medical ID jewelry, as their condition is prone to aggravate in events of any emergency. According to first responders, knowing whether someone is Diabetic can make a big difference in an accident scene, since the first responders can immediately conduct a blood sugar test and administer insulin as needed to help that patient recover immediately. Without these vital pieces of information, it would take much longer to assist anyone, resulting in severe repercussions.

They Have Drug Allergies

Even if people have no serious health conditions, being allergic to certain drugs is a good enough reason to wear medical ID jewelry. Since anybody could get into an accident where they are unable to advocate for themselves, drug interactions could wreak severe damage on their health.

They Have Food Allergies

Regardless of how careful someone is, there is always a risk of random exposure or cross examination when they have food allergies. It’s imperative for people who are prone to food allergies to inform those around them and instruct them on how to respond in events of an emergency. However, no matter how careful they are, accidents can still happen when they are with strangers. However, wearing a Medical ID jewelry that reads something along the lines of “SHELLFISH ALLERGY / GIVE EPIPEN”, would know what caused your reaction and look for an Epipen in your pockets or your bag, and call for emergency medical assistance immediately.

They Have Epilepsy

When children or adults have epilepsy or seizure disorders, it becomes all the more indispensable for them to wear medical ID jewelry. Knowing that a patient has a history of seizures or epilepsy can tremendously help Emergency Medical Technicians in administering treatment, since they know that the seizure is not a new event or a symptom, but rather an ongoing condition.  On the other hand, if EMTs are not informed that a person has a seizure disorder, they would deplete precious time rooting out causes of the seizures, such as illness, injury, or trauma, which might delay treatment.

They Have Kids

Since Kids don’t carry a driving license, a lot of parents make their kids wear medical IDS with their emergency contact numbers and name, in case that their child needs to be identified or is involved in an accident. Additionally, a lost child might forget his/her details in panic, but if they are wearing a medical ID bracelet or necklace, authorities can easily reunite them with their parents.

They’ve Undergone Gastric Bypass Surgery

It is really prudent for patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery to wear medical ID jewelry at all times. It is absolutely indispensable for EMTs to know if a victim has had this surgery, as NG tubes cannot be inserted in a gastric bypass patient.

They Have Alzheimer’s

The neurological function of a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can vary from day to day, making them extremely disoriented and lost. A patient suffering from Alzheimer’s disease can easily get lost, wander, or become confused. It is advisable for those patients to wear medical ID jewelry at all time in order to allow RT and EMT personnel to know about the condition, and reunite them with their caretakers.

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