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In the highly developed social civilization today,Humans still can not get rid of disease problems,Many chronic diseases (such as: diabetes, heart disease) are all the time to threaten people’s lives,Therefore, wearing a Medical id bracelet, for people with chronic diseases, it will undoubtedly be a good thing,Not just in time of emergency can get someone else’s help,Will always be reminded of their own, need to control their own behavior and bad habits! Help stabilize the disease!

In the past, Medical id jewelry only in a steel plate engraving some useful information, together with some beaded bracelet, or some very ordinary metal chain,
Lack of creativity, stereotyped, unable to meet the pursuit personality of modern human , love the pace of fashion!
MedicID Store is an innovative Medical id jewelry store, we have been focused on the design of fashion, personalized medical id jewelry, to meet the needs of different groups of people!

In order to make our good products so that more people understand and like, we hope to find some like-minded friends, join us and jointly spread our excellent Medical id jewelry

If you have the following experience or condition:

a):You has a boutique store or popular jewelry shop, or engraving shop.
b):You have an online store, (self-employed, ebay)
c):You want to start your own business, engaged in business Medical id jewelry

We welcome you to become our partner, we can do for you:

a):Provide free product images
b):Zero inventory, you are only responsible for sales, we will deliver the goods directly to the hands of customers, follow-up after-sales work is entirely responsible for us!
c):A high percentage of cash back,
So let you use least cost get at substantial return – if you are online store, you can sell our products at zero cost!

Our cooperation can also have other ways, we do not exclude any conducive to bilateral cooperation!
We are willing to listen to your voice!

At the same time, we are also looking for the right ad position, and backlinks,
If you have such a resource, one that allows us to afford the price, we look forward to cooperating with you

Please contact us, future partners!

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