iMedicalid Store

We are a new life, we exist for the personality, independent Medical id jewelry!

Started in 2016, create and sell personality, unique medical id jewelry.
You see every style is from our unique design and elaborate manufacturing, we hope to bring the medical id jewelry market some new fashion and personality.

We want people to wear our medical id jewelry,
Not just put on an emergency contact phone number, at the same time, medical id jewelry itself is a beautiful art, but also a unique personality, unique jewelry! The essence of jewelry should be beautiful!

While young, but the service is not compromised!
Everything here is dominated by you, you can customize the details of the product, you can customize the engraving of the text, and even the price! Affect all this only need you like our products!

We offer you many free services, free layout design, free laser engraving, free gift packaging. It also offers up to 180 days of quality warranty (warranty and return terms)