Engraving is default on the back of all ID pieces. MedicID store uses a laser engraver,Is not a traditional metal engraving machine.

Following are recommendations to consider before submitting your medical ID engraving information:

-The information you submit for engraving may save your life. This information should include only what would be critically necessary for a health care provider.

-Be sure to engrave your most critical health information first: this includes medical conditions, medications, allergies, implanted devices, and health care directives.
– Double-check spelling before submitting your final engraving.
– If you run out of engraving room, please remember that first responders contact MedicID store during an emergency to obtain your full health information. You may also use your emergency wallet card to supplement your medical ID and document further health information for first responders.
– Remember that your engraving will be permanent. Engraving changes are not covered under MedicID store 180-day warranty.