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Choose titanium medical id bracelets, it is to choose a more healthy life.

Space metal – titanium, stable performance, high temperature, corrosion resistant, no radiation, an optimal medical id jewelry material, it is suitable for almost any population, even if you are allergic skin, there is no problem, it will not make you feel any Not!

Titanium is completely hypoallergenic to start, which is why it is used for surgical implants but recent studies show wearing titanium can relieve pain. medical id Bracelet and necklace are being worn by all demographics near their injury or area of discomfort with surprising results. This holistic approach is replacing pain medication for people of all ages and has athletes discarding constricting braces for flexible adhesive strips.

Titanium is also used to promote wellness by balancing the body’s electromagnetic energy. The constant electronic energy that flows through us can be greatly disrupted by the surrounding machinery that humans come in contact with. Imbalance symptoms can include stiff neck and shoulders, headaches, dizziness, and ringing ears. Wearing a titanium medical id bracelet is said to help maintain these electric waves that affect our muscular and nervous system.
Because of its stable performance, so it has no radioactivity, lead, nickel, cadmium-free, is a very environmentally friendly metal, if you are an environmentalist, titanium medical id bracelet, no doubt your best choice